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Summary of project and results

Summary of project and results
Published date: 01.06.2015 15:22 | Author: Ministry of culture

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"ArTVision. A live art channel " is a pilot project that puts innovation in interactive and inter-cultural communication between Adriatic and European countries as its strategic priority. Through the production of original audiovisual content the real heart of the project is the implementation of a thematic cross-media channel. Co-financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross border Programme 2007-2013, it aims to promote local talent globally, to promote artists and their work, and to produce and spread innovative audiovisual formats in the Adriatic area.

One of the main aims of the project is to create a thematic transmedia channel, offering original, high quality content on the full range of contemporary arts.

Co-financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013 ‘Measure 3.3’ “Communication networks”, arTVision is led by Puglia Region - Area Policies for the Promotion of Territory, Knowledge and Talent, with technical support from The Apulia Film Commission Foundation.

The project relies on a broad partnership, which starts with Puglia and encompasses Albania, Montenegro, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (Croatia) and Veneto. The total budget is €3,305,727.62.

The Partners: Pino Pascali Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art, Polignano a Mare (IT); Veneto Region
- Culture and Performing arts Section (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (IT); Ministry of Culture of
Montenegro (IT); Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (MNE); Ministry of Culture of Albania (AL); University of the Arts in Tirana (AL); Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in Croatia (HR); Kanal RI- Croatian TV (HR).

Associate Partners: Euronews (FR); Artribune (IT); (IT); Radio Television of Montenegro
(MNE); RTV Ora News (AL)

Adhesions: Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - General Direction for Cinema (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Foggia, Lecce (IT); Academy of Fine Arts in Rijeka (HR); Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (HR)

For further information on the project please visit:


 establishing a network of arTVision Adriatic TV Crews (5 TV Crews: Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Puglia, Veneto), coordinated by TV Crew Puglia;

 activating the arTVision transmedia channel operating through the project website, social networks, the museum networks, the media involved;

 the production of 138 original audio-visual products (interviews, reports, instant news, video art, etc.) produced by the five crews operating in the partner territories;

 the production of 15 short movies (documentaries-stories on the work of the contemporary artists) by three professional filmmakers from each partner area;

 implementation of research on cultural organizations operating in countries of the Adriatic, with interviews with 250 cultural workers and highlighting 25 examples of best practices;

 organizing the Future Search Conference in Venice, a two-day meeting with the exchange of examples of best practice in the field of cultural policies;

 the joint drafting of guidelines on the development of cultural policies in the Adriatic area, which can be adopted by partner countries;

 implementation of 6 Light Residences, artistic residences in partner countries, which have enabled the mobility of about 30 young artists (students or former students of the Academies or partners that have joined the project) and involving 5 internationally renowned artists;

 implementation of the 5 stages of the travelling exhibition "Coexistence: for a new Adriatic koinè", which presented the works of 25 emerging artists in the five partner countries;

 press conferences, public events and initiatives by the partners, aimed at disseminating the project results and engaging in constructive dialogue with cultural operators and locals;

 participation in fairs and festivals in all of the countries involved in the project, with the presentation of activities and audiovisual productions by arTVision;

 preparation of a Cross Border Sustainability Plan, for the definition of policies in order to promote the future sustainability of the project and implementation of planned meetings with broadcasters;

 digitalization of audiovisual archive of Montenegro national broadcasting service (in progress).

 the signing of two memoranda of understanding with the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - DG Cinema and DG Contemporary Arts, which provide action designed to enhance the audio-visual products of the project and help its sustainability. As part of these actions, the event "ArTVision Award" is currently being organized and is planned for the 2015 edition of the International Art and Cinematography Exhibition in Venice;


The thematic transmedia arTVision channel aims to spread the knowledge of contemporary art in its many forms. The heart of the project is the production of the first structured "network" of transmedia artistic communication in the Adriatic area of interconnected television newsrooms, dedicated to the production and transmission of images coming directly from the new frontiers of contemporary arts, shown in the immediacy of their present history.

Throughout 2014 in Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Apulia and Veneto, five highly specialised TV Crews were established, made up of professionals and young artists, to transmit "the vision of art about art", producing reports, pilot audiovisual projects, instant news on Adriatic art, to tell simply and directly about "live art". The Apulian TV Crew is the coordinator of the joint work. ArTVision operates in short, as an international agency that, in the spirit of economic and cultural promotion and using communication networks and media infrastructures existing in the partner countries, offers the public and private institutions, media outlets, television, websites, museum networks and social networks, images and services on contemporary art.

In addition to the 138 videos made by the 5 TV Crews between April 2014 and March 2015, 15 short movies were also produced (3 for each partner area), under the coordination of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation. The short movies, made by professional film-makers in early 2015, are a testament to the multifaceted approach to contemporary art that cinema can produce through the originality of the best individuals in each territory.


"Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koinè" is an exhibition available in five different versions, one for each host territory, which in the name of a new Adriatic koinè has translated territorial identities in the dynamics of the relationships, of openness and exchange .

It is a story of many voices, those of the 25 young artists - 5 for each partner country - which are articulated through Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Veneto and Puglia, to trace common traits and discontinuity between peoples sharing the Adriatic Sea. The journey got underway in August 2014 from the iconic Pyramid of Tirana, for a stopover in the National Montenegrin Art Gallery "Miodrag Dado Duric" in Cetinje, to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, to the salt Warehouses of Venice and it all ended in March 2015 in the Pino Pascali Museum in Polignano a Mare.

It’s an event which has had over 20 thousand visitors, and stimulated multicultural dialogue and a new cooperative way of making art and culture.


Young art students and graduates of the universities and academies of art were among the main people of arTVision. In addition to direct participation in the project, as a partner, the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Academy of Performing Arts in Cetinje and the University of Arts in Tirana, collaborated with the three Academies of Fine Arts in Puglia (Bari, Foggia and Lecce) and the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

About 30 current and former art students from the various partner countries, have had the opportunity to participate in the 5 Light Residence, or short cross border exchange programs, held between November
2014 and March 2015 in Bari, Foggia, Lecce, Tirana, Rijeka, Venice and Cetinje. The residences have hosted "art show" held by internationally renowned artists: designers Alida Cappellini and Giovanni Licheri, musician Vito Lo Re, the artist Goran Petercol, theatre director Paul Magelli and filmmaker Alessandro Rossetto.


A two-day intense meeting in Venice, held in December 2014, sealed a process of analysis and exchange of best practice ideas in the field of cultural policies. It was the culmination of quantitative research conducted among cultural workers operating in the Adriatic area (with the use of 250 questionnaires, and the identification of 25 examples of best practice and in-depth interviews).

Following a method of participatory planning, the participants from the different countries of the Adriatic at the Future Search Conference aim to build efficient development scenarios. Starting from the examination of the current situation and then creating a shared scenario for the future. The joint work has led to the definition of "recommendations" for the development of culture and art, and the preparation of a policy document in the field of cultural policies. Primorje-Gorski Kotar County has already expressed an interest in adopting the document in support of its action plan on cooperation and culture.


Among the most significant initiatives that have seen the presentation of the "arTVision model " and its audiovisual productions are the: Venice Film Festival, 2013 and 2014; Salone dei Beni Culturali - Venice
2013; Festival of Books and Arts - Tirana 2014; Demanio Marittimo km 278 Festival - Senigallia 2014; XX International TV Festival - Bar 2014; Chronicles of the 27th Festival Bar - Bar, 2014; Nextwork Forum - Castellaneta 2014; - Podgorica 2014; Giornate del Montenegro - Bari 2014; Festival dell’Immaginario - Perugia 2014; BIT Tourism Fair - Milan 2015; EU info day - Niksic 2015; XVI European Film Festival - Lecce in 2015.


The sustainability of the project is based on the ability to deliver arTVision web content through the benefit of media infrastructure and communication networks that already exist in the various partner countries. In order to identify strategies to promote it, a Cross Border Sustainability Plan was created, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Albania and Puglia Region, with the aim of creating a permanent network of partners, associates and active broadcasters, with the identification of relationships and partnerships to help ensure the continuation of activities beyond the end of the financing of the IPA Adriatic Programme.

A significant achievement is the activation of two Memoranda, one between the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - General Directorate of Contemporary Arts and Puglia Region and one between the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism - Film Board, Puglia Region and Veneto Region, aimed at giving visibility to the project and to spread the results.

In particular, under the Memorandum with the DG Cinema MiBACT, the initiative "ARTVISION AWARD" has started, which is planned for the 72nd Venice International Film Festival (2-12 September 2015), with the best arTVision audiovisual works be awarded by a jury of experts. It is an important agreement in terms of prestige and visibility, which will not only enhance the project itself but also the artists who took part in it.

In Montenegro the closing event of the project is in progress, with efforts already underway to establish the arTVision TV crews as independent legal entities and a possible continuation of the project within the European 2014- 2012 programming period.

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