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Promotion of the monograph "Veljko Bulajic - Vlakom bez voznog reda u povijest filma", in the Ministry of Culture

Published date: 11.12.2015 11:59 | Author: Ministry of Culture

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Pavle Goranovic, Minister of Culture, will speak on Monday, 14. December 2015, at 19h , at the Ministry of Culture, on the promotion of the monograph "Veljko Bulajic - Vlakom bez voznog reda u povijet filma".

Attendees will be addressed by Bozo Rudez, editor of the monograph.

About the book will speak Gojko Kastratovic, Branko Baletic, Andrej Nikolaidis, Milorad Popovic and Veljko Bulajic.

The promotion of the monograph prominent director is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Montenegrin Cinematheque and publishing house Zrinski.

Veljko Bulajic was born in Vilusi near Niksic. He is considered one of the most important Montenegrin and Croatian director, known as the author of films as "Train without a schedule", "Kozara", "Battle on Neretva" and so on.

Movies by Bulajic are shown on all major film festivals and in almost all countries of the world, and seen by more than five hundred million viewers. He won numerous awards and prizes of professional jury, the audience and the press. The most prominent among them are: Nominated for Oscar, UNESCO Kalinga prize, the Golden Lion Grand Prix, Grand Prix gold medal, the Grand Prix Golden Nymph, ten Golden Arena Award, Avnoj Award, Trinaestojulska Award, Order of Croatian Danica with figure of Marko Marulic. He was a member of the jury of film festivals: Cannes, Moscow, Venice, San Sebastian ... He is one of the few authors who had the privilege and honor to have a premiere of his movie ,,Kozara,, in the Louvre and famous Pablo Picasso did a poster for his movie ,,Battle on Neretva,,