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Press conference following the announcement of Bulatovic-Nikčević Duo’s Concert at Carnegie Hall

Press conference following the announcement of Bulatovic-Nikčević Duo’s Concert at Carnegie Hall
Published date: 19.10.2016 11:27 | Author: Ministarstvo kulture

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Pavle Goranović, Minister of Culture, spoke at a press conference, held at the Ministry of Culture regarding the announcement of the concert of Montenegrin guitar duo Srdjan Bulatovic-Darko Nikcevic who will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Minister Goranović said that the concert of guitar duo Bulatovic-Nikčević at globally most prestigious concert space, Carnegie Hall in New York, will enter the anthology of musical life of Montenegro.

"The significance of the event that we are facing is not great only because it’s affirmation of our artists, honored to perform at the prestigious concert platform, but because they will perform original music inspired by Montenegrin folklore. Important dimension of the concert The Best of Montenegro is given by the fact that it will be realized in the year of Jubilee - the Decade of the Independence and the millennium of statehood of Montenegro ", said Minister Goranović at a press conference.

The Minister also added that the affirmation of Montenegrin artists on the international level and communication with other cultures through the universal language of art is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Culture.

Alongside Minister Goranović, musicians Srdjan Bulatovic and Darko Nikcevic had their speech at the press conference, as well as the music industry advisor at the Ministry of Culture, Dobrila Popović.
Srdjan Bulatovic expressed his pleasure and honor to perform in Carnegie Hall, adding that this is an important result of twenty five years of his work.

"It is a great honor to pass music selection of Carnegie Hall, not only as artists but also as composers. It is therefore twofold responsibility - how will the audience like our work and how we perform", Bulatovic said, adding that the info about the duo Bulatovic-Nikčević are posted for more than half a year on the website of Carnegie Hall, which is great promotion at the global level.

Darko Nikcevic said that Duo will do the best to present both themselves and their country by their work. "Most of the compositions that we recorded and that are at the disc "The Best of Montenegro" will be performed at Carnegie Hall, and among them are ”Daybreak yet to Come" (Još Ne Svice), "In the Field It Rais'd" (Poljem se vija), "Rose" (Ruža), "Slender Fir" (Vita jela), "Midnight" and the others stemming from the traditional music of Montenegro, which are also our inspiration", said Nikcevic.

“The Best of Montenegro” Concert by Bulatovic-Nikcevic Duo at Carnegie Hall in New York is scheduled for Tuesday 18 October in 8PM. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and with the support of the General Consulate of Montenegro in New York, a concert is organized by the agency LeitmotivArts from New York.