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International logo design competition for the Program Creative Montenegro: Identity, image, promotion 2017-2020.

International logo design competition for the Program Creative Montenegro: Identity, image, promotion 2017-2020.
Published date: 28.08.2017 08:31 | Author: Ministry of culture

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Ministry of Culture of Montenegro announces an international logo design competition for the Program Creative Montenegro: Identity, image, promotion 2017-2020.

Logo design of the Program Creative Montenegro: Identity, Image, Promotion 2017-2020 should become a point of recognition for different projects and activities within the Program, and as such it should reflect the main goals of the Program (its detailed description is presented within this competition materials).

Competition materials:

Interested authors are obligated to submit the following materials in an envelope marked only with a password:
1. Suggested logo design that includes a written form of words Kreativna Crna Gora and Creative Montenegro, in both Montenegrin and English language. The suggested design in each of its versions is to be printed out on paper of A4 format, signed with a password in the right bottom corner. Each logo version should be signed with a password. In the left corner, there is to be information that reflect CMYK values of every color found in the design.
a) Logo design in color.
b) Logo design applied in color on an envelope, memorandum and poster models, as well as other promotional materials chosen by the author.
c) One-color (in one chosen color and in black and white version: positive and negative of the logo design).
2. Suggested logo design is to be submitted on a CD in vector (Adobe Illustrator) and raster (Adobe Photoshop) forms, i.e. as AI, PSD, TIFF and JPG file formats of 300 dpi, CMYK, RGB and Pantone scales, and in PNG file format of 72 dpi, to be used for online presentation.
3. Logo design font.
4. Book of graphic standards in A4 format, recorded as a PDF file on a CD. The book should include logo design applied on business documentation (envelope, memorandum, folder, poster,…), demonstration of logo design positioned in different promotional materials (indoor and outdoor versions), and its acceptable and inacceptable applications.
5. Textual elaboration of the suggested logo design in PDF file format (up to 500 words).
6. Enclosed envelope marked with „Author‘s information“, that should include first and last name of the author or authors, password used in the competition, social security number or company registration number (JMBG or PIB), address, contact telephone, e-mail, bank account number and name of the bank.
7. Enclosed envelope marked with „Author‘s statement“, that should include a signed statement of the author confirming that the suggested logo design is the original work of the author.

Selection criteria:

- Compliance with the concept and goals of the Program,
- Originality and innovation,
- Artistic quality,
- Applicability in the context of Program promotion.

Competent jury is tasked with the competition selection. Ministry of Culture has a right to ask for changes in the submitted logo design before the official and final selection of the design, based on the suggestions of the jury. If there are no submitted designs that fulfill the criteria of selection, the competent jury has a right to deny all designs and suggest that the competition be repeated.


The competition is of international character. All psychical and legal persons from Montenegro and other states have a right to take part in the competition. The candidates can submit several suggestions, but they must be differentiated as separate submissions under different passwords. By submitting a logo design in the competition, authors accept the propositions of this competition. The submission will not be returned to the authors.

Reward and authorship:

The first and only reward is €3.000. After consultations with the Ministry of Culture and possible changes to the chosen design, author/s are obligated to submit the design in vector and raster form to the Ministry, along with the printed book of graphic standards. A contract will be signed with the author/s of the chosen design, that will further define the obligations of contracting parties. The reward will be paid out in accordance with the signed contract.

The submission deadline is October 10th 2017.

All requested competition materials are to be submitted in an enclosed envelope signed with:

Ministry of Culture
Logo design competition for Program Creative Montenegro: Identity, Image, Promotion 2017-2020

Ul. Njegoševa
81250 Cetinje
Crna Gora

Goals of the Program:

The program represents an inter-sectoral platform of the Government of Montenegro with the following goals: valorization of national and cultural identity of the State; presentation of the multicultural context of Montenegro; preparation of branding strategy for the State; communication with national and international public; development of support lines for the creative sector; production of content and narratives with the function of promoting the State; support to the scientific research and artistic projects in the field of cultural studies, cultural history, cultural geography and artistic production; innovative and modern presentation of Montenegrin cultural heritage; cultural exchange and dissemination of projects created within the program in the international scene; strengthening of creative industry sector in Montenegro, through inter-sectoral cooperation and Government policies; pro-active participation and inclusion of the general public.

The main, starting point of the Program is a map of cultural history of Montenegro, that represents different cultural and civilizational layers of Montenegro and initiates a creative dialogue both in present and in the future, with multicultural communities on local, national and international levels. Program contains, within its key units, different specific projects and contents called Kreativna Crna Gora / Creative Montenegro.